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              Service life of hydrothermal synthesis reactor-金伯利起重設備
              Service life of hydrothermal synthesis reactor

               The experimental process of every unit, conditions, different requirements, such as reactants, amount of reactant, reaction time, temperature, heating rate, so the hydrothermal synthesis reactor there is no strict sense of life. The reactor network gives some suggestions of scrap:
              1, the reactor corrosion; if used repeatedly found that steel tank wall or wall, most of black hair yellow rust, tighten the threaded astringent situation shall be scrapped. The same batch and carefully check all the jar note: not long, improper preservation are likely to produce this phenomenon, should be scrapped.
              2, metal fatigue; metal cap or gasket deformation, edges, tiny cracks, the tank should be scrapped immediately, and carefully check the same batch of all cans.
              When the reactor to the retirement age, the customer must be scrapped in a timely manner, not for a bit of interest and cause greater losses to the enterprise.

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